Access Control

Tighten Security & Keep Your Business Safe with Access Control

Access Control systems help organizations determine who can access buildings and areas within a building.  Areas most often secured include offices containing employee, resident, client and customer data, proprietary information as well as accounting and financial records.  

Our knowledgeable specialists will help you decide on the best access control system for your business. Using any of our preferred brands, you can protect your business and employees by restricting access to areas of your business, keeping track of who is coming and going throughout the business day, automating accessibility and deterring criminal activity from occurring on or around your premises. 


Credential access not only eliminates key copies, but also shows who accessed your facility and when.  Authority levels and schedules allow you to not only determine which areas of your facility a person can enter, but also prevent unauthorized staff entry to your building outside of approved hours.  A robust searchable history makes a clear user trail for auditing and investigations.

Access Control Systems Used By Industry Alarm

Each government sector and military branch face specific safety, security and risk challenges in the contiguous United States and overseas. We help you navigate those challenges within your government agency across a full range of services— from fire protection to environmental hazard consulting to security.

Managers of government buildings face a pressing problem as public personnel, the facilities themselves, and the sensitive records and classified information they contain become prime targets for crime and terrorist acts. 

You know security is a must but you may not know how to address the unique security challenges government buildings present. A government security system must protect staff and visitors, but keep their right to privacy intact, and comply with exacting local, state and federal regulations. 

Industry Alarm can help you navigate the far-reaching realm of federal government security to craft a comprehensive security package that includes access control, intrusion detection and burglar alarm systems, government video surveillance systems, and life safety solutions.

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