Managers of government buildings face a pressing problem as public personnel, the facilities themselves, and the sensitive records and classified information they contain become prime targets for crime and terrorist acts. 

You know security is a must but you may not know how to address the unique security challenges government buildings present. A government security system must protect staff and visitors, but keep their right to privacy intact, and comply with exacting local, state and federal regulations. 

Industry Alarm can help you navigate those challenges within your government agency across a full range of services that include access control, intrusion detection and burglar alarm systems, and video surveillance systems.

Security System Audit

We understand trouble can walk right through the front door (backdoor or even a window) without a comprehensive security solution in place. Our experienced security system installers conduct security site audits to determine exactly what is needed and where.

IP & CCTV Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are a key part of every security solution for government buildings. A properly installed system of government security cameras monitors common areas, offices, courtrooms, stairwells, jails and more inside, while also monitoring building perimeters, fences and gates, parking lots and storage facilities outside.

With 24/7 monitoring, your government video surveillance cameras let you know who is on the grounds and in the building at key points during the workday and serve to deter crime and vandalism after hours. Integrating your state, local and federal surveillance systems with other technologies, such as access control and an alarm system, optimizes security by giving you control of who enters and leaves.

Fire & Intrusion Detection


Security and alarm systems also act as a line of defense against property crime, potential fatalities, severe injuries and crushing expenses at government facilities. The company you select to install an alarm system for your government buildings must know and abide by the laws in your area.

Industry Alarm’s installation team installs UL-rated burglar and life safety alarm systems and integrates them into access control systems and video surveillance systems to help you keep occupants safe while meeting exacting security codes and regulations for government facilities.

Access Control 

Access control systems for government buildings are designed to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building, while notifying government users of suspicious activity. By integrating government access control systems with a government surveillance camera system, cameras capture footage at every entry point, which is stored for later viewing by security officials and law enforcers if a crime occurs.

Whether you need security for a large federal facility or a smaller local municipal building, Industry Alarm is here as your trusted partner in your overall security system. We leverage years of training and decades of experience to design, integrate and install comprehensive security solutions for government. We are here to protect your government facility so you can protect your government activities.

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