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Video Surveillance Systems

Keep an Eye on Operations with IP or CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

Depending on your company’s security needs, we offer a range of surveillance options for both interior and exterior settings. Surveillance cameras help you see what is happening in proximity to your assets so you can prepare a response in real time. Video surveillance technology helps keep customers, residents, employees and visitors safe while at the office, gym or walking through a parking lot. Our partnerships with Bosch and Hanwha Techwin allow us to provide video surveillance solutions that solve any security concern. 

Trusted Video Surveillance Solutions from Industry Alarm


Harness the power of predicting the future using Bosch’s award-winning AIoT (Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things) system. The goal of this state-of-the-art system is to provide the Power to Predict and stay a step ahead of what’s coming. Artificial Intelligence gives this system the capability to identify trends, predict future actions and offer solutions to prevent unknown situations from happening.

Through sensors, cameras and analytics, the AIoT system generates data to help make informed decisions, find new business and develop safer, better processes.


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Hanwha Techwin

Customers in need of an immediate solution will find success with our Ready to Arm packages through Hanwha Techwin (previously Samsung). With a wide variety of camera options and styles, this technology can operate indoors or outdoors in various settings and be as discreet or obvious as necessary.

Video surveillance technology is always changing and evolving. At Industry Alarm, we always provide expert, up-to-date recommendations so you can protect your people, property, and profits with the most secure, up-to-date, and modern technology solutions. 


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Industry Alarm is your trusted provider for the installation, service, and maintenance of commercial fire safety and video surveillance systems. Reach out to us today to speak to our team to find out all the ways Industry Alarm in Indianapolis will become your trusted service partner for all your business’ intrusion detection, fire safety, and other business security needs. 

If you need help with any aspect of intrusion detection, or are interested in learning more about our service, contact us 317-552-0000 or fill out our contact form.

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