Remote Security Monitoring

What happens if an alarm is tripped?

Each client has an emergency-contact list, which is immediately contacted in the event of a real alarm. Depending on the system chosen and the set up, these calls may come from a third-party. This list should be reviewed throughout the year and updated if there are changes to personnel. Contact a member of our team for help updating the emergency contact list.  


For cloud-based systems, the client will be instantly notified of unusual activity and alarms. A phone call to the administrator will follow in order to confirm the validity of the tripped alarm, and will contact emergency services if warranted.

What happens if I forgot the password?


If an alarm is tripped and the notification company requests a password, but it cannot be determined, additional private information may be requested. If a password needs changed, contact a member of our team to ensure it gets changed in all the proper systems.

Who Monitors Our System?

The type of system installed determines the monitoring. For cloud-based systems, the monitoring is commonly performed through the software and possibly a third-party. Other systems may include multiple monitoring systems that will reach an administrator in the event of an emergency. Contact a member of our team with questions regarding monitoring or changes to your system.

What happens if the power goes out?

Each system comes with a back-up battery to keep everything operational for a period of time. The duration of the back-up battery depends upon the system installed, number of elements running and other factors. Contact a member of our team for more information about your system and its back-up capabilities.

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